Club Information

The primary goal of Blackburn Archery is to offer archery in as accessible a way as possible, and to achieve this, we avoid the ‘Club Structure’ for most of our activities, and instead run as a Limited Company (specialising in Archery as a Leisure & Social Activity) to offer our services that way.

However, despite this, Blackburn Archery recently registered as both an ArcheryGB AND an NFAS Club.

It’s quite unusual to be registered with both authorities, but many of our archery regulars were keen to progress from Leisure Archery to a broader, more serious hobby, and our Club status is our way of accomodating and supporting them in this transition.

Club status – and the information contained in this area of the website – does not affect the availability of our archery services to the public, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Find us on the National Field Archery Society website ( here:

Find us on here:

Find us on the Lancashire Archery Association website here:

At the moment, we’re restricting Club Membership to those who have attended our various sessions for some time, to allow a natural and controlled growth of this side of Blackburn Archery.

As a Limited Company, Blackburn Archery holds all the required insurance and certification needed to host Archery events – and therefore does not run it’s non-club sessions or events under an NFAS or ArcheryGB banner.

We’ll add more information to this site about our Club based activities over time.