Courses / Weekly Lessons

Our courses take place at our Indoor Range located at in the Sports Hall at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy (DACA), usually on Sundays.

There are 2 types of beginners course – Group Courses, where 12+ beginners all learn together in dedicated sessions – and Custom Courses, where we bring small groups into our Members Sessions to learn alongside them.

Our Group courses run from September to March. Demand can be high, so pre-booking is often essential, and it’s worth emailing us to get on our list of interested parties, ready for when our next dates are announced.

For those that just can’t wait, we accommodate new learners by bringing them into our Members Sessions in small groups (no more than 4) to be taught alongside the other archers. Email us and we’ll advise you of current availability, and get you booked in and started ASAP!

To book email to discuss your needs and be advised of available spaces.

Weekly Lessons / Courses (5 x 2hrs)

Beginners Archery Course : £70 per person

Our beginners course consists of SIX 2-hour Sessions, taken over 5 consecutive weeks (unless otherwise stated in our schedule).

Group Courses typically run on Sundays at 1.30pm-3.30pm – Custom Courses run throughout the weekend, depending on availability. The 2 hour time slots include a 15 minute break.

Upon completion you will be supplied with a Blackburn Archery certificate.

Courses FAQ

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General FAQ

You say ages 7 and up on most things - can my 5 year old come along?

We say age 7, as experience has shown that below that children often don't 'really' want to try archery for a prolonged period of time. Yes, they are keen to have-a-go (in which case you can find us at a visitor attraction and try just a few arrows), but 1 hour - 2 hours? Often not.

As such - while it varies a lot from child to child, and we've got archers who have been shooting since age 5 or 6 - I'm afraid we can't accomodate anyone under 7 in our sessions (instead, look for us appearing at various locations doing £1 have-a-go, where they can least try a few arrows and see if they like it!).

Please bear in mind, whatever the age of the child, that if you book for a session/course and it becomes obvious they are physically not capable of taking part, no refunds are available.

Do I have to stay with my child when they are attending an Archery session?

We'd generally prefer it, yes.

We say that for 12 years and under, definitely.

From 12-16 we appreciate that many kids attend a whole range of weekly classes where they are dropped off and left to their own devices, and it is of course at the parents discretion. Please bear in mind however that unlike many other classes, your child is unlikely to be with a group purely of their own age, and you may even find they are in a group made up primarily of adults, which they may not be comfortable with.

What should I wear to Archery?

Fancy dress is not advised (those big costumes really get in the way) just normal, casual clothes are best.

We are indoors for most of our sessions - so it will usually be comfortably warm (and get can a little too warm on very sunny days) so bear that in mind.

Long sleeves help, can avoid you catching your arm with the bow string, and make the protective arm guard more comfortable to wear, but they are not essential. Long hair is best tied back in a Ponytail, and we'd advise against particularly big necklaces or ear-rings, or pro-truding lip-piercings.

If we do find anyone is wearing anything that could cause a problem, you'll be advised. Should you then choose to continue with it as is, we won't take any responsibility for any damage or injuries sustained.

(If you're attending an outdoor session - then of course dress according to the weather.)

I'm disabled - can I still take part?

We've done archery sessions for a wide range of disabilities. We can't guarantee that your disability won't prevent you taking part, but we'll always do our best to accomodate you. Get in touch, be honest with us about your physical limitations, and we'll advise you accordingly.

(We have regular archers who are either blind, missing fingers/limbs, wheelchair bound etc)

I have my own Archery equipment, can I bring it along?

Certainly - but we reserve the right to inspect your equipment for safety purposes, and to refuse it's use on any grounds we see fit.

For instance - a high powered compound bow, shot indoors at short range, does an extreme amount of damage to the Targets, and we have to think of the cost of that.

Can my family come along and watch my Archery session?

Of course (we want to sell them cups of tea!) but please advise us of any large numbers.

We fully expect a young archer to have their parents with them - but one archer bringing 8 spectators would quickly cause us considerable space problems, particularly at our indoor sessions. We'd ask that you bring a maximum of 2 spectators/supervisors per archer - but ideally just the 1.

Can I (or my family) take photos during the Archery session?

We are happy for photos to be taken of yourself, and the Blackburn Archery staff. However, please take care not to include any other participants in your photos when possible - and if anyone asks for you to stop taking photos, you should respect that.

If you take photos of Blackburn Archery staff - please ensure you use the photos in a respectful way.

If you take photos that include other participants (and they have not objected to you taking those photos) please exercise restraint in their use. For instance - keep them for Personal Use and Display and DO NOT post them on Social Media.

If you take photos that you are happy for Blackburn Archery to use on this website and other promotional items, we'd love to have them. Please email them to us, explicity stating in your email that you are granting us permission to use them for such purposes (legally necessary).

In some instances, we may take photos of You! (Particularly if you have completed a course and just been awarded a certificate). We will always ask if you are happy for us to take and/or publish that photo. If you are not - please just say so.

I've got several children that want to attend archery, will I get a discount for bringing them all?

Sorry, no, we don't currently offer discounts for multuple bookings (except for large Group Bookings for one-off archery experiences).