Find Us

Most of our sessions take place in the Sports Hall at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy (DACA), however you should check Our Timetable for sessions run elsewhere, such as our After-School Clubs. You can find us at:

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy (DACA) Sports Hall, Sudell Rd, Darwen BB3 3HD

When attending your session please go the DACA Car Park (even if you are on foot!). In the far left corner (viewed as you enter the Car Park Gate) you will see a pair of gates marked ‘Staff Entrance’, go through those and immediately turn to your right.

Walk with the astro turf pitch on your Right until you go through another pair of open gates. You can now see the large Sports Hall in front of you to your left. Head towards the large ground floor windows, and continue past them (you may see the Archery Range through those windows!). After you pass them there are Stairs on your Right.

Go up these stairs until you find Glass Doors on your right. Enter the building and work your way back downstairs to enter the back of the Archery Range. Typically a staff member will be manning these doors from around 15 minutes prior to your session to help guide you on your way.

SAT NAV: You may find that using the address Redearth Road, BB3 3HD is better for directing you to the DACA Car Park.

For more about DACA, click this link