Who We Are

Blackburn Archery is a company set up to bring Archery out to the community, and break through some of the barriers that stop many people from entering into the sport.

Like a lot of sporting activities based around a ‘Club’ structure, Archery can be daunting to enter, and require a lot of commitment from people who initially often just want to see if the enjoy the sport at all, never mind entering into a long-term commitment.

By offering Archery in a way that is different and accessible (it’s like nipping to a visitor attraction at a weekend, or like taking the kids to a weekly swimming or football lesson), you can easily go along, try it out, and if it sticks, you’ve found yourself a brand new hobby!

We call our offering Leisure Archery, where the focus is on enjoying the sport, not just pursuing achievements.

Who are “BCAP” that I’ve heard of?

BCAP – or “Blackburn Community Archery Project” – is where we started in 2009. Entirely volunteer led, and funded and staffed initially by it’s founders (Norman & Darren) and via community based initiatives, BCAP went out into local community centres to run affordable and accessible archery sessions for the people of Blackburn and surrounding areas.

Like all community projects however, it needed continuous funds to keep going, the equipment simply wears out and has to be discarded regularly, and we no longer wished to utilise grants and other funding to continue.

Blackburn Archery was then founded as a Limited Company to provide those services under a more commercially focused, thereby self-funding, banner. The founders provided the initial equipment, and we began to run commercial sessions (structured archery courses & archery taster experiences and a range of private bookings for parties and events) so that our community interests could continue at our own choice, without worry about funding.

Blackburn Archery was a success, and has funded it’s considerable growth over recent years, including training & employing Blackburn residents as archery instructors.

Blackburn Archery exists to provide a service it’s customers that’s not always available in traditional archery clubs, in that instead of relying on Club members volunteering their time, we have paid staff available to assist you.

Is Blackburn Archery a Charity?

No, we’re a business. We run to make money to cover the expenses every business has, and to enable us to grow and offer broader and better services in as many locations as possible.

So you won’t run an Archery Session for me for Free then?

No, but we’re always keen to follow our founding community ethic and provide you with the opportunity of archery at a cost that is realistic to you and to ourselves, with the cost reflecting our ability to keep costs low for projects that fit in with our goals to extend the availability of archery.